Feeling is believing

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You have to feel it to believe

Feel the Invisible

Vortx is the first non-contact haptic system that can simulate the virtual environment. Vortx can control air by simulating complex scenarios such as explosions or gunfire, or something as simple as wind or a campfire.

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Feel the Invisible
Precise and Powerful

Precise and Powerful

Vortx has realtime control in simulations, games and VR applications. With minimal effort, simultaneous haptics and VR content can be streamed in one cohesive experience with unparalleled immersion.

Develop with Vortx

Impact burst effects to simulate explosions, gunfire and contact events.
High speed air flow to maximize immersion, simulate movement, and decrease simulator sickness.
Ultra low latency response and controls for dynamic virtual experience creation.
High heat control for precise mirroring of the virtual environment. Adaptive heat physics engine.